Whether your goal is to transition to a fully vegan diet or just make some more plant based choices, here are some easy tips to get you going:

Non-dairy milks
This is an obvious one but sometimes landing on the right milk alternative can take some time. We love oat milk for coffee and tea but favour almond for things like cereal. We recommend trying out a range of options to see what you like best. Don't overlook the less mainstream dairy alternatives like hazelnut and one of our favourites; creamy cashew. It also pays to read the small print on the carton and try to pick a milk with minimal added sugar and additives.

Embrace meatless Mondays
If you want to be more plant based but fear you are too fond of a hamburger, start by going meatless one day per week. You can always substitute with some of the vast range of meat substitutes available now. The secret sauce here is often, well, sauce. Add a a beautiful marinade, dressing or condiment to jazz up your dinner and you'll never know the difference. Seitan is a great meat alternative which is packed with protein. We particularly love Irish brand What the Faux.

Cheese, please
Let's face it, cheese is delicious. Many people find this a difficult swap to make when moving away from dairy but the quality of vegan cheese options on the market has massively improved in recent years. Search around for options to suit your needs. It's important to tailor your choices to how you're going to use the cheese. For example, some of the vegan sliced options in the supermarket are specifically designed to melt well on sandwiches etc. While some artisan produces have exquisite options to make your cheese board stand out. Shout out to Fully Free who make a mouthwatering cashew brie.

Dairy free desserts
What's life without a sweet treat? We're big dessert fans here at GoodBrew and believe life is all about balance. Going plant based doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself. In fact, many plant based treats are better than their traditional dairy counterparts! Right now, we're particularly loving Nobos chocolate creations and Nibbeds dark chocolate bark.