It’s delicious, refreshing and delivers a smooth caffeine kick but is cold brew coffee better for you than traditionally brewed coffee? 

Cold brew coffee delivers all the health benefits of a regular cup of joe, with some added icy perks.

Coffee contains high levels of polyphenols, antioxidants and minerals. Drinking it on the regular has been associated with a host of health benefits including improved brain function and a reduced risk of depression. It also reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease, among other things.

What Makes Cold Brew Special?

Cold brew’s magic is in the extraction process. At GoodBrew, we soak coarsely ground coffee in cold water for more than 14 hours. This leaves a concentrated liquid which is triple filtered for the smoothest, purest cold brew coffee concentrate. The coffee bean’s chemical components react differently to cold water, so the result is a very different beverage to a traditional hot brew. The absence of heat means certain oils and acids are not released leaving a rich, smooth, less acidic coffee flavour.


Kinder To Sensitive Tums

Because cold brew is less acidic (up to 70% in some brews),  it can be easier on the digestive system, particularly for people who struggle with tummy sensitivities. Lower acidity coffee means less heartburn, acid reflux and bloating for those that suffer with these issues. A darker roast also helps, meaning GoodBrew Cold Brew Concentrate might be the perfect alternative if your regular brew is upsetting your stomach.

Extra (Customizable) Caffeine

Cold brew relies on time, rather than heat to extract the coffee flavour and uses a higher bean-to-water ratio than hot coffee, which means it packs a bigger caffeine punch. If you're looking for a really strong coffee then our cold brew concentrate is for you. Sometimes too much caffeine can give people the jitters so our concentrate’s versatility allows you to dilute it with milk or water for your perfect taste and caffeine hit.

It’s Better Black 

Cold brews naturally smoother, sweeter flavour means it tastes better than regular, more acidic coffee when served black. This means if you’re trying to reduce your calorie or fat consumption by drinking black coffee than cold brew is likely a better option for you.